Why This Site Was Created

My name is Andy. I live in Brighton, on the south coast of England.

I was ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for 5 years. I had to stop working, I got very down. I felt pretty awful most of the time.

I always told myself that when I recover, I will create a website and tell everyone how I did it. It was something that consoled me at the time, and now that I have done it, it makes me hopeful that my story, and other stories, can at the very least provide some hope to those out there who are unwell.

If you want to read my story, please click here.

What This Site Is For

This site is intended for people to tell the story of how they got better. There is a lot of information about illness out there: on the internet, in books, advice from friends and family, from health practitioners of a myriad of persuasions.

But if you are unwell, how can you decide on what to try? How can you believe there is any way out of this place you are in? Maybe there is someone out there who can help you to answer that question, someone who has been though the same situation, and has come out the other side.

What This Site Is Not For

The stories on this site are personal accounts and opinion by normal people like you and me. This site and the information contained in it, is not and can never be a substitute for proper medical advice from a qualified practitioner.

If you are unwell, see your doctor and get information and try as many avenues as you can. Remember that it is you that will make yourself better, no one else. Pester people. Do not get fobbed off. Arm yourself with as much information as you can, and go back and see your doctor again. Above all, believe in yourself.